PlayStation Move UK Price Revealed

It seems that Sony have revealed their UK pricing for newly announced PlayStation Move.

At the cost of £75, PlayStation 3 owners will have invested in; 1 Move Controller, 1 Sub Controller and the PS Eye.  That’s for one player. An additional player will need the following at these prices…

PlayStation Move controller on its own – £34.99

PlayStation sub-controller on its own – £24.99

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, pretty expensive right?  Well at £134.98 that’s literally a few pounds dearer than Microsofts Kinect, pricing at £129.99 on it’s own. Well even if it is all that you need for Kinect.

My view however? Wouldn’t make a difference. But I think that for what you want to do with motion control then Move is the way to go. I just don’t see myself playing core games with nothing in your hands as I do with the Move controller.


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