Sony Liverpool Hiring For New Project

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Studio Liverpool, a studio that in my opinion really needs to get back on the job, has started the search once more for more talented people out there in the UK, more specifically a Senior Designer.

The ‘new guy’ will be reportedly be working on an unannounced title.  The job description seems to indicate the game will be 1st or 3rd person, so as you can see, it’s very unlikely that Wipeout will be making a debut anytime soon.

I think it’s about time for the studio to create something new and refreshing from the racing genre especially when they have been recently paired up with Motorstorms’ Evolution Studio’s. So you can rule out the possibility of a new-er Motorstorm too.

But what could it be? I hope the same level of quality they seem to deliver with both the Wipeout and Motorstorm franchises go into this new ip. Hmmmmm.


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