What Have I Been Doing?!

Seriously? I mean, I have playing PlayStation since I was born, my umbilical cord may as well have been a black cable running from my belly button into a duelshock pad (I had it snipped off once Sony invented wireless duelshock). But don’t get me wrong, even though PlayStation has been my main choice in console I always delved into the other realms of gaming hardware but maybe not as much as I should have been. But for some reason this natural loyalty to the Sony gaming brand has left me a bit ‘out dated’. I already know what your thinking or even screaming at your display screen, “WTF SONY ISN’T OUTDATED”, well your right and I’m still not wrong. Maybe the wrong choice in words but what I really mean is that most gamers nowadays have a multitude of consoles to play on regularly, to get the full experience of the games becoming available today.

Xbox 360, I haven’t really taken any notice and the reason was purely because of the Xbox Live subs. Wrong idea. I don’t need to have Gold Subscription to enjoy games. Heck no. So I took it upon myself to start playing the games I found an interest in but never really bothered to go out and buy. I now love both my Xbox and PS3 equally. I almost feel enlightened, lifted of this negativity towards a console that I had no right in being negative towards, and to what reason? Because of the subs? Stupid idea there tom indeed. What have I been doing?

Anyone reading this, get off your high horse and go out and purchase (if you can) both consoles or the one you haven’t got. Play the games your interested in and you’ll soon realize and understand what i’m saying. If you’re really into gaming then don’t moan about which console is better because they are both good, they both can do things the other can’t for whatever reason’s I don’t care. Not any more.


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