Angry Bird Spreads Its Wings

Yeah that’s right. It’s only a matter of time before iPhone/iTouch apps start making their way onto other gaming devices and consoles.

Angry Birds are no exception either, Chillingo’s Joe Wee reports to The Sun, sharing details that their iPhone game is making headway towards PS3, PSP and DS.

It’s most likely that Angry Birds will be purchasable as a Mini on the PlayStation Network for both PS3 and PSP considering the 59p charge on the App Store.

I’m excited for this for PS3. Wish I had a PSPGO! or just a regular one for this in all honesty. Games like this can really sell the PSP and DS (as if the DS really needs to have marketing). It’s doing mighty fine on the App Store.

Still no word on whether Angry Birds will be making an appearance on Xbox Live.

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