Dirt 3

Codemasters’ Edward Newby-Robson has recently shed light on details of their next installment of the Dirt franchise. Yes that’s right; Dirt 3.  Due to be re-released on June 9th, Dirt 2 has sold more than 1.7 million units worldwide since its launch back in September. It is the fastest and best-selling game in the series.

Codemasters reports that the game significantly expanded the franchise’s audience, and the firm will build on this for Dirt 3 in order to drive the series’ appeal even further. Newby-Robson continues, “We know from the stats we can pull from Dirt.net that a major proportion of players are more casual than ever, the racing studio is already well underway with the next project and continues to develop the EGO engine and push in-house technology to bring new consumer benefits.”

“Some features which have as yet not been seen in a Codemasters Rally Studio game will make a welcome return and, of course, it wouldn’t be a Codies game without some new surprises. Both the brand and development teams have taken great pains to understand our racing community to ensure that future Dirt titles are built with them in mind, whilst keeping the mainstream appeal that the broader range of consumers demand.”

Newby-Robson continues to explain that technology and effects from the F1 2010 would be used in Dirt 3, “The nature of a unified engine means features developed for one franchise will benefit others, so you’ll be seeing the dynamic effects in Formula One 2010 in future racing titles,” he said.

So say thanks for that EGO Engine of theirs. Great gameplay fused with even greater environmental effects could prove to be the key factor in the success of the future title Dirt 3.

Source mcvuk

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