Little Big Planet 2 The Adventure Continues

Everybody who’s anybody knows about Little Big Planet 2. And if you don’t well now you do. Media Molecules’ next installment takes us far beyond the wonders of mere 2d platforming adventures, with new improved tools at our disposal. Creators are able to make games…yes, games. No not RTS games or FPS or blinkin’ R-Type esque games. Wait yes you can. The tools are that powerful. I’m so excited for this game it’s untrue, Media Molecule have described Little Big Planet 2 as a Platform For Games.

And your probably wondering whether the next will have story levels built in from the get-go? Pleasingly the answer is yes. A whole 50 of brand spanking new levels to whet your appetite for creation. Jump over to watch the video. Trust me, it’s awesome.


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