Review: Mega Jump

I wouldn’t call myself a core iPhone gamer, it’s not my handheld of choice but recently I’m seeing the benefits of playing games on the iPhone. I’ve played many iPhone momentum based games recently that incorporate the simulation of physics, namely gravity. Physic based games that propel a character forward into harm’s way having to keep the momentum up by either ricocheting off random objects that resemble sheep or bouncing off trampolines that just so happen to have the ability to float unsuspectingly. But as we all know; too much of a good thing can ruin the fun of it, which seems to be happening of late.

That’s where Mega Jump launches into view.  Mega Jump is one of those games that takes a popular mechanic and builds a structure of functionality and replayability around it creating an app that one could return to over and over again. Which is saying a great deal as I tend to bore after 5 minutes of playing such games.

With it’s catchy and unforgettable sound track the gameplay follows the same structure as most (if not all) of these types of games. Your character is involuntary launched skywards from the ground, having to collect various sized coins that not only give you a boost but doubles up as credit to purchase ingame add-ons like character skins or wallpapers for your iPhone. The smaller coins deliver a minimul boost whereas the larger coins gives a more meaningful bounce.  To help vary the constant barrage of bouncing so it’s not repetitive, there are unique items that can alter your momentum or items that magnetise the coins around you so they are easier to collect.

With any good game there are enemies as such – there are monsters and killer items that can slow you down or completely defeat you all together which makes it more of a challenge which is of course a good thing…right? Of course it is. That and the fact that Get Set Games have cleverly joined forces with the social platform, OpenFeint which means the battling of friends via twitter or facebook. Comparing scores and achievements is another reason why I would gladly go back to this game. I mean even if it is bouncing at the end of the day, it’s fun knowing that I’m better at bouncing than my friends.

From the image to the right you can clearly see that the visuals are full of cartoonish awesomeness. Layered backgounds adding depth to the environments just make up one reason why everyone should purchase this game. I was lucky enough to catch this on it’s freebie stage, yes that’s right the full game free courtesy of OpenFeint.

The gameplay is friendly enough to urge me on playing more, with one forgivable floor of awkwardness side scrolling before you launch, the game is wonderfully made and easily one of the best iPhone app quickies I have been looking for.

Gameplay: 9

Graphics: 10

Sound: 8


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