VideoGamerGuy Plays

Thomas Butters (Editor) – Alan Wake – 360

Yes this week I have been donning the light ray blaster…er I mean torch in Alan Wake. I must admit it’s a great game. If not for the game mechanics but for the story you really should all go out and buy this game. It might not be the scariest game or has the best lip syncing in a game but the originality is something hard to come buy in these next gen games nowadays. A great game from Remedy. Bravo. Check my review out to see my full thoughts.

Chris Thompson (Staff Writer) – Rune Scape – PC

This week hasn’t consisted of much in the way of gaming for me, In fact I haven’t even turned on my PS3. You may be wondering why I even bothered to write this, but I did play something. That something is the, incredibly addictive and surprisingly fun, free MMO by Jagex: Runescape. I first played this a few years ago and put quite some effort into turning out a level 52 account. Having slipped straight back into the near constant grind that is an MMO; I can say this game has definitely improved in the time that we weren’t “seeing” each other, the graphics and a few neat attacking based improvements only helped the nostalgia come flooding back. Heck, the Nostalgia has already overwhelmed me and convinced me that I need to raise my ‘Smithing’ and ‘Mining’ level


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