Games-For-Sex? This Mom Thinks So.

It’s seems that this mother of 3 is pretty keen, so keen in fact that she has been accused of luring a couple of 15-year-old boys into bed for consoles and other gifts to keep it ‘under the covers’, which seemed to be her ideal compromise of brilliance. Well it was working for 2 years, even if she was still married. Whether that meant a-gift-a-go is still unclear and probably will remain that way.

The accused sex pest lady named; Christine Shreeve Hubbs, of Livermore, California is being sent behind bars facing a total (and quite remarkable) 67 counts of sexual assault which spanned across a lengthy 2 years according to the boys and Christine. And how the cops found out I hear you say? Well, nude pictures were found on one of the boys’ phones with additional images of a sexual nature on the phone too, which wasn’t a smart move showing his parents what he has been up to.

Unless someone has a large amount of money ready give away to sexual predator like Mrs. Hubbs, an amount summing to $4.3 million then I guess she will remain behind bars for a few months if not years. She should have just paid for a gigolo.  You know the legal kind.

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