Valve’s Break Down of Mutation Stats

If you like Left 4 Dead, love killing zombies with your mates, online too, then your going to want to know what are the most popular game modes being played daily right?

Valve released a new blog entry over here showing the latest statistics regarding the most popular mutations in Left 4 Dead 2. The statistics show that Chainsaw Massacre is the most loved amongst all followed slosely by Last Man on Earth and Realism Versus.

Before Mutations, what got played the most? It really depended on the day. Versus and Co-op Campaign were tied neck and neck each with around 40% (80-85% total) of the players on any given day. The other 15-20% was split between Survival, Realism and Scavenge.

Some of the constraints we decided on when creating Mutations: It was okay if it wasn’t something that you wanted to play enough to replace an existing game mode as long as it was fun for a short period. Not every Mutation was going to appeal to everyone. Some Mutations would be directly aimed at smaller demographics inside the larger player base.

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