A Halloween RPG? By Double Fine?

Guess what? The guys behind the classic Psychonauts and more recently Brutal Legend Double Fine are developing a new halloween themed RPG ip, Costume Quest. Simply named, I have no speculation as to what this  may entail…

But this isn’t the end of the good news, oh no, Double Fine are producing three more games! Yes three more a total of four if you can’t count, but the fact that Tim Schafer is ditching the rumoured sequel to Jack Black’s Brutal Legend is only a good thing right?

“We got a phone call from a publisher saying ‘we’re not going to do a sequel to Brutal Legend’. My fault was that I had not prepared for that, so we did not have a project ready to go,” Schafer rallies on, “In a couple of months all four games got signed. So we became officially a multi-project studio. Trying to kill us made us multiply.”  I like his enthusiasm, I really do.

More so on this newly announced title, the Halloween themed RPG will be released only as a downloadable title from the PSN store and XBL Marketplace. Most likely due to the fact that they almost got shutdown last time, so a downloadable title is more of a sensible and cheaper route for them. The game will be released appropriately, on the 31st Ocotober. Players will assume the role of a boy on the hunt for his missing sister, who has been abducted by monsters.

The player’s abilities, and those of AI-controlled trick-or-treaters, will be determined by the costumes they’re wearing, which is a nice variation in gameplay and tactics. Players will transform into gigantic versions of their costumed characters—like a massive knight or skyscraper-sized mech—when engaged in battle with Halloween beasts. They’ll also acquire candy, accept quests from neighbors and build teams of fellow trick-or-treating costumed kids to progress.

Source UGO

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