Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers DLC

Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Redemption’s Legends and Killers Pack is now available for digital download from the Xbox LIVE network and PlayStation Network.

“With Legends & Killers we wanted to provide a wealth of new content for fans of Red Dead Redemption,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. “We took care to pick out areas that were unique and exciting and then polished them to provide the best possible multiplayer experience.”

The Legends and Killers Pack doubles the amount of competitive multiplayer territories with nine new map locations that are weapon-balanced specifically for multiplayer and packed with free-for-all and team-based challenges. New locations vary from the fog-filled riverside at Thieves’ Landing to the modern metropolis of Blackwater. Eight classic personalities from 2004’s Red Dead Revolver return as multiplayer characters, including fan favourites: Red Harlow, Jack Swift, Annie Stoakes and Shadow Wolf, among others. Available in competitive multiplayer, free roam and single-player modes, the Tomahawk, a deadly new projectile weapon, introduces more ways to eliminate the competition. In addition to gameplay challenges, the pack also presents additional opportunities to earn Achievements and Trophies. Red Dead Redemption’s Legend and Killers Pack is currently available digitally for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 on PlayStation Network.

Don’t forget, for more news and information, visit the official Red Dead Redemption website; become a friend of Rockstar Games on Facebook; or follow Rockstar Games on Twitter

(Thanks to IGN for the screenshots)


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