Review: Luxor

If the Egyptian Gods had a favourite past time then no doubt it was playing Luxor the iPhone game, well if Egyptian Gods had iPhones that is or unless they constructed some elaborate ball chamber to throw their multi-coloured balls at.

Originally a free web game Luxor has made the transition from internet to hand held devices. And  to no surprise it delivers the exact same addictive gameplay that all Luxor lovers out there…love. Apart from touch screen, the structure of gameplay is the same, having to color-match 3 spheres to clear chains before they enter the pyramids resulting in a unsatisfactory game over. Luxor for the iPhone  is improved this time around with a massive line up of levels, 88 in total with hours (literally) of ball popping to be had.

As I was popping away, I realised that the guys at MumboJumbo have included a reticule of sorts to help aid the precision in shooting the spheres which in my defence was a brilliant addition because I could see it being a tad troublesome without it, as with any iPhone game the thumbs crossing over was inevitable and view obtrusion is not a problem with this addition now.

MumboJumbo have placed this game on one of the many social networks on the iPhone, this time being ngmoco’s Plus+. Which allows you, the player to challenge friends via Facebook and Twitter, lurk on the leaderboards and earn points on Plus+ like achievements so to speak.

I’ve not had one bad experience with this marvel, and it really is addictive. My favourite iPhone game to date. And there are a great deal of games on this platform now which just proves it’s place in being one of the best. Pick it up today (10th August) for free or if you missed out then purchase it now!

Gameplay 10

Graphics 7

Sound 7


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