Watch Sony’s Gamescom at Home

If you haven’t read up on the news from yesterdays Sony’s Gamescom announcements or you have and still want to watch the action unfold in front of you then no worries as Sony are streaming (not live) their event through Home! And yes accompanied by a new Home Space to roam around in whilst you chatter away with your virtual offspring’s looking at the virtual booths that would be present at the event in Cologne.

“Our gamescom event space will bring you the latest games trailers for upcoming titles, all set in a space perfect for mingling with the community and discussing all the latest news. Gather up a team of four to play our oversized slot machine game to win some great rewards. Finally, stay tuned for news of exclusive gig footage from up and coming Sony Music group Locnville showing in the virtual booth!”

More announcements were shown through the blog entry for MAG lovers out there…

“Play M.A.G.? Whether you’ve aligned yourself with SVER, Raven or Valor, this week the Estates store has a personal space just for you! There’s a selection of furniture available for each faction to help deck out your new personal space just right and show your allegiance.”

“Our third and final release of 30th anniversary Empire Strikes Back content arrives tomorrow, with some of the best furniture and ornaments I’ve seen for a while. There are AT-AT and AT-ST tables, a Slave 1 sofa … and Han Solo in Carbonite. LucasArts are also making available an amazing value bundle pack including all of the Empire Strikes Back content released during the anniversary celebrations.”

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