Online Gaming Is More Popular Than Downloading Music And Film

TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, and ‘trade association of the year 2010’, said that the news that online gaming is now more popular than downloading music and films. Demonstrating not just the rising popularity of games but also the trend towards digital distribution.

TIGA made the comments following the publication of a report by Ofcom (Communications Market Report 2010) which showed that 39 per cent of those surveyed played online games, compared to 38 per cent per cent who download music and film.

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA said: “Ofcom’s report shows that the popularity of games continues to increase, with downloads of games surpassing that of music and films. It also shows that consoles are providing a door to the internet: 10 per cent of those surveyed used their PS3 or Nintendo Wii to watch programmes on the iPlayer.

“The widespread downloading of games also confirms the importance of digital distribution. TIGA’s research shows that on average, 62 per cent the games created by UK developers are online or digital products, as opposed to physical products. TIGA will continue to support developers looking to distribute their games digitally over the coming months.”


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