Trials HD Review

After being very skeptical of buying games on xbox live arcade, I decided to take the plunge and download the much loved trials HD arcade game.

Trials has been one of many classic games that got the HD treatment along with street fighter 2, perfect dark and many more. The games is pretty straight forward beating numerous obstacles to get to the end. Obviously they get harder and harder but does provide endless amount of entertainment for hours on end. the graphics look very nice for a game that’s been released for well over a year now and still doesn’t look dated and with constant updates and the newly released content is always welcome.

The main selling point in the game is the track creator mode that really shines through the game, similar to the style of little big planet, the further you get on the more stuff you can use in track creator. Creating the levels are always fun but being able to put your friends up to your track is the highlight, with reviews of your level being used on xbox live the more people play it the more people from around the world will slowly start recognizing your level.

Xbox live also lets you know how well your friends who have purchased it have done for you to try beat their times always adds hours of more gameplay. Along with the challenges that adds more gameplay and of course frustration to finish the challenges!.

overall Trials HD is a great package costing 1200 points, that provides endless amount of time and fun.

Gameplay- 9

Graphics- 8

sound- 7

stay tuned for my next review of the much hyped limbo

One thought on “Trials HD Review

  1. Trials hd is a very average game that can be really frustrating and is full of flaws. Of the 12 people on my friends list that got the original game only 2 have purchased the DLCs and I am the only one to complete all of the tracks. Judging by the numbers on the leaderbords it seems that is the case for a lot of people. Some problems with the game are :
    – many of the skill games do not reqiure skill just luck and patience eg. broken bones, delivery
    – only 1 level was created for the micro donkey what a waste
    – Underground level can be completely bypassed very poorly designed level
    – Lots of your replays on the leaderboards get corrupted. I spent 10 hours to get an extreme level in top 250 and the replay shows previous run over 7 seconds slower 1000 places worse.
    – Flight school is more like a skill game than a proper level there are no jumps in it.
    – Bike often get stuck in various parts of the level
    – You can restart a level by pressing the back button yet for some reason to restart a competition you must quit. this is really annoying
    – There are too many check points
    – There should be an option not to show split times when passing check points as it can be quite distracting. I think a more realistic rating out of 10 would be about 6.

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