World Of Warcraft ‘Add-On’

Ten Ton Hammer, one of the world’s most recognized websites for Massively Multiplayer Online Games, announced today the open beta of PlayerScore, a website and add-on for Blizzard Entertainment’s leading MMORPG, World of Warcraft. PlayerScore allows players to rank other players in various roles such as tanking, healing, and PvP and then displays the rank in-game.

Players can rank their peers and the results are stored in a massive database containing all 30 million-plus characters in World of Warcraft. The add-on displays the player’s rank quickly and clearly, along with other details such as equipment, talent specializations, and profession skill levels. The rankings can also be found online at the PlayerScore website, allowing anyone to view the information from anywhere at any time.

“An enormous concern for World of Warcraft players is that they are excluded from much of the fun simply because a number generated by a gear scoring add-on is too low,” said John Hoskin, Creative Director of Ten Ton Hammer. “Most players would agree that skill and attitude is more important than being a few digits higher on a virtual gear scoreboard. We allow players to not only see the gear level, but the skill level, raiding experience and more of any player. What’s even more exciting is that players can see where they rank against everyone else who plays World of Warcraft, regardless of what server they play on.”

PlayerScore also includes an upgrade indicator which displays to all which party or raid member would most benefit from any item dropped in the group or raid.

“This new website and add-on will change the way people select members for their groups, raids and even guilds,” said Reuben Waters, Managing Editor at Ten Ton Hammer, who manages the network’s World of Warcraft community site. “We’re excited about bringing this level of detail to players’ fingertips.”

PlayerScore is available for public download immediately and the database has already been pre-populated with millions of player profiles including their gear, talents, professions and worldwide rankings.


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