Vanquish Demo Impressions

The game is decently paced, albeit it feels that the whole world is being thrown into your face and it’s all trying to kill you. It feels a little too cluttered for me, claustrophobic even. A Jump button would probably help out here; but there isn’t one. In the demo there are semi-circle of sandbag looking objects against a wall; to get into the enclosed space you have to hit square to take cover then push the left analogue stick forward and hit square again. Why cant you that with one push of, say, the X button? Overall, however, the controls are more on the clunky side of decent. Bearable would be the word.

The graphics are pretty good, you can enjoy the view while struggling to jump a sandbag at least. I like the faces and even the teeth (one of the most noticeable and worst done facial features, along with eyes) look good. The action looks good on screen; the colour drains when in AR mode, the tracer, explosions and foes all fit together. Colourful explosions on a rather grey pallet used in the demo, which actually seems like quite a good design idea.

I can’t help feeling that this demo is cobbled together from bits of games all over the place. There are bits of Gears here, the suit reminds me of Dead space, the huge robot thing could easily be out of Lost Planet 2. It just feels, well, average. Exciting but average. If I were reviewing it from what I have seen so far I think it would get somewhere around a 7 for sound, 9 for graphics and about a 7 for gameplay. Unfortunately I don’t think that it warrants a purchase from me.


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