Vanquish development was “hell”

Developing a game is obviously no walk in the park. But to develop a game which is being aimed for console greatness, now that’s a lot more of a challenge than you can imagine. In not so many words, Platinum Games describes this process as “hell”, particularly when they were developing Vanquish.

“When we tried to add large numbers of enemy troops on to the screen, the game would slow down, and it would degrade the feel of the game” Lead designer Tetsuya Sasano blogged. “Luckily, we were able to do our best to cut the fat off the stages without dropping the graphical quality, leaving them lean and mean, and making sure that we didn’t do anything to harm the way the game feels. Of course, each member of the team had to go through hell to make this happen.”

Balancing Graphical quality with gameplay is always a tough call to get right. Platinum games seem to be happy with what they have achieved. From what we have seen so far the trip to Hell seems to have been well worth it. Vanquish hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 this October.

Tetsuya Sasano’s Full blog


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