Battlefield:Bad company 2 Review

Every year we get a new COD not only does it surpass sales expectancy every year it beats off another competitor to the thrown of online multiplayer. But this year their is a small chance that someone could succeed into beating Activisions King of FPS’s and that game is EA’s Battlefield bad company 2.

Sequel to the great but lacking original bad company, the second comes back to prove its not a gimmick to beat COd and not only proves to us that their is something worth actually coming to terms with it being called an actual competitor to COD.

further or more, the single player while pretty crazy including not only the plot line but in terms of gameplay aswell. You play a newest member of the bad company team, set after the events of the first one your sent straight back into action to stop the russians creating a massive weapon that will destroy the entire of america and end the war etc.

Single player missions are pretty similer to one another but does take a good 10 hours to complete, with endless missions like to send you to retrive data or to withstand a whole bunch of bad guys.The open world style setting do the levels a whole load of good as thier is much more enemies around you and having to plan your next move without causing too much of a disturbance but sadly the AI does tend to know exactly where you are as soon as you fire a round off which does annoy at times. Next up is something quite unique that only a small amount of games really do, and that is simply destruction. Anything you see wether its a tree or a whole building you can destroy it, which is a whole lot fun especially when dealing with lots of enemies and need a fun but simple way of killing them simply leads to blowing the building and letting them fall under the rubble.

Next comes the real deal in terms of beating the king and thats the multiplayer.

we will delve into the not as important factors of the multiplayer, first up is the fairly good squad deathmatch, pretty much the same as any other death match but without the linearity like most games, but the only problem is you need more than 16 player 4 in each squad, to get really make the most out of the open world levels. Next up is conquest, pretty much the same as any capture the flags but in a more open enviroment around you. While the levels are all used for pretty much every online mode they are truely great, not only it looks pretty but the chaos around you with 24 players all either flying past in helicopters of driving past in tanks its all insane to be around.

But finally something i can truely say makes COD look like a small school boy, is the conquest mode a personal favourite of mine. The goal for the mode is to destroy the M-COM stations or to defend them simple right? wrong with 12 on each side attacking is tricky leaving you to plot carefully to blow up the stations. With pretty much everything at your disposal from tanks to quads their is endless amount of fun to be had either defending or attacking either way Dice has created something truely remarkable and something that puts COD down in an instance. Levelling up is similer to any other multiplayer the more kills you get the more points you get and eventually level up and gain more acess to new guns and almost similer to cod but perks but instead called special abillites.

The only thing that lacks from Dice’s epic game is the chance to choose your own weapons that you want instead you have to choose either class I.E assult or medic. While this is nothing really to bother with as every class is coverd from engineer to recon. Overall the game is a gem to play not only the open levels but in multiplayer aswell and is truely a contender for the best online multiplayer game. But the real test is whether it will compete witht the new COD black ops is yet to be seen.

graphics 8

gameplay 9

sound 7

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