Limbo Review

summer arcade started months ago, i know but after months of contemplating whether to buy limbo, I decided to purchase it for a large amount of 1200 points ( about £12.00).

Limbo is something to recomend to someone who wants to try something quite intutive but fun at the same time then limbo is the game from them. Limbo doesnt really tell a story really other than your looking for your sister and thats about it. But the game itself is really a silent game with no real form of diologue apart from the blurb, which is a real shame due to the brilliant background and setting, it would add a lot of depth to the game with a bit of added diolougue. instead you have to plot things toegther to relise that your looking for your sister who is stuck in limbo.

The gameplay is something quite fun and unique in its own way. With it playing out like a side scroller the aim is to get past the obstacles and proceed to the next level. But things dont really play out how you would think it does instead you have to use the enviroment to find different ways of obtainning objects for example, you need to get across this small lake but to you need another block, so you look around but nothing to really find until you relise that the enviroment is actually able to in a way play. You then find a block to help you gain acess across the lake, its intutive ideas like this that really make the game something a lot different to other xbox live arcade games.

The fact that game never really repeats itself other than the annoying head leeches that send you backwards and unable to turn back around. Limbo keeps adding something extra to make gameplay a little more fun with levels that add gravity to other great puzzles where you need to place objects in the right places to avoid drowning. Another fun thing about limbo is dying, while dying does get annoying it is very fun different ways of death, whether it be from missing the jump and a boulder flying into you the way you die have to one of the best ways to die in a game yet.

The graphics are something that really adds the depth to the game. With just black and white visuals it really adds a noir type feel to the game along with some great background noise. The game is feels pretty much like a playable noir silent movie.

overall its a great game that will take a good 5 6 hours to complete thats if you are a noob to puzzle games.

graphics 7

gameplay 9

sound 8


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