Pigeon Squadron Launches Air Attack On The Human Race

After centuries of being shooed, chased and abused as ‘flying rats,’ the revenge of the pigeon is upon us. It has been confirmed by Government scientists today that the recent wave of airborne attacks worldwide is linked with the Pigeon Squadron’s all-out assault on the human race.

To publicize the threat to our very existence by this feathered menace, I-play, Oberon Media’s publishing division and the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher, today announced that Pigeon Squadron has officially launched on the iPhone and iPod touch.

“For too long we have been subjected to children throwing stones, park wardens chasing us with their brooms, and the elderly feeding us stale bread. The time has come to take a stand… even though I only have one foot…” said the enigmatic Pigeon Squadron leader, known only as ‘The General’.

Pigeon Squadron introduces an original air attack campaign the likes of which have never been seen before. The members of Pigeon Squadron are taking to the skies and waging a military campaign of global proportions. To ensure ultimate victory against the human race, the vengeance-crazed birds have brought to the battle homemade “weapons of mass revulsion” that only they can create – pigeon poop.

In the game, the pigeons attack various cities around the world and attempt to create chaos by bombing pedestrians, pets and vehicles, all while trying to dodge objects thrown at them and complete missions assigned by the leader of the squadron. With 45 different missions to complete, squadron members are assigned one of four elite paramilitary pilot pigeons ready to relieve themselves at will.

Featuring simple motion and touchscreen controls – tilt to fly and tap to poop – Pigeon Squadron is an easy game for soldiers of all ages to pick up and play. Launching the attack over cities reminiscent of New York, London and Paris, each location introduces unique targets to hit and new ways to collect power-ups, earn awards and score bonus points to unlock new characters and cities. Additionally, Pigeon Squadron’s iPod Library support allows members of the squadron to create their own soundtracks!

Also keep an eye out for Operation FacePoop, launching on Facebook shortly after the Pigeon Squadron takes flight on iPhone.

As the war wages on we ask, which side will you take? Are you ready to join the Pigeon Squadron? Do your part and inquire at an App Store near you!

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