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Thomas Butters (Editor) Lost Planet 2 – PlayStation 3

This week I’ve been beasting out on Lost Planet 2, and by beasting out I mean busting out the guns taking down oversized worms and other annoying critters. There comes a time when we all must come together and kill some rather large animals on a distant planet, preferably one that is lost. See what I did there?

I played the demo when it came out many moons ago and was impressed by the visual upgrade of not only the environments but the monsters, they were bigger, meaner and harder to kill. Which is why I always had this lingering feeling in the back of my mind which was screaming at me to buy Lost Planet 2 and play the shiznips out of it? So of course I scratched the itch and became very surprised for two reasons. The first being that the game looks very dated to the more recent titles and yes I know it’s not all about visuals and all that blah blah but hey, first impressions are sometimes everything.

The second and last reason was that I felt a rather nice and welcoming feeling when playing the game.  Even though these bosses were at times a royal ball twitcher which made me howl profanity into the moonlight like i was transforming into an American werewolf, I felt this ‘at ease feel’ when playing it. I’m not sure whether it was the fact that the campaign is split up into manageable stages as if it were an arcade game. Which in all honesty I love because it’s different from the usual culmination of saves points. Makes it feel more like a team effort when you can look at your stage and player progression at the end of each point of the game.

Chris Thompson (Deputy Editor) Borderlands – PlayStation 3

This week’s game of choice for me has held rather a lot of exploring, shooting and a little bit of grinding; Borderlands was the name of the game. My adventure has continued through the Arid Borderlands and, so far, has reached the rust lands (at least I think that’s what it’s called). I’m enjoying it quite a lot, the RPG elements mesh with the FPS element well, I think I have finally got the hang of the awkward driving and I’m really liking the humour that peeks through the story. If you get it, I’ll explain this more in a review, then I suggest sticking with this game until the end. I look forward to letting you know my full thoughts soon!

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