Play Assassins Creed Brotherhood Early!

Early access to Assassins Creed Brotherhood through GamerBase? Midnight launch events? Free access to the whole game in ALL GamerBases? That’s exactly whats happening, Read on to find out more!

From Monday November 15th at all major HMV GamerBase locations you’ll be able to play the full multiplayer version, a thrilling game of hunter and hunted between well-armed Templars. That’s a whole week of playing multiplayer assassination before anyone else!

On November 18th, we’ll also be doing midnight launches! Gamers will be able to play the single player story mode from 9pm until midnight (bring your memory cards!), at which point you’ll be able to buy the game for yourself. GamerBase will be running midnight openings on November 18th at its London Trocadero, Glasgow, Manchester and Reading locations. There will also be a few Assassin’s Creed prizes up for grabs.

If your still not sure weather you would like to buy the game, then don’t fret! There will also be, from the 19th to the 25th of November, a full experience of the game available in Gamerbase centers that will let you explore the depths of Rome, be it multiplayer, single player or both, in its entirety for free! No strings attached!

To check it out in more detail check here.


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