Game of The Year Countdown: 2 Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption had quite an easy start to its career, releasing this title in May was a decision that worked for Rockstar; there wasn’t much for this title to contend with. There were four other titles that could have even been considered a threat: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Alan Wake, Split Second and Blur. With only one week between the two racing games, Blur and Split second, neither of these really got anywhere; bogging down off the start line. Alan Wake, the 360 exclusive, also struggled to sell well and ended up as a bit of a disappointment for some: including myself. Super Mario Galaxy 2, released only for the Wii, is a brilliant game. However, this still didn’t match up to the impressive figure that Red Dead Redemption managed to sell. Luckily, it’s not all about sales figures though, It’s what a game plays like and how it feels that really counts.

Red Dead is simply stunning. There is no other word for it, the vista’s spread throughout the gaming world are beautiful. What is even better, is the ability to return to these points whenever you like, maybe you could enjoy hunting bears in the snowy mountains or, perhaps, save a woman from a ravenous pack of cougars. The choice is well and truly yours. Even running through the story, traditionally the most linear part of any game, you have the ability to go about things how you want. What makes it all the more fun is the terrific Euphoria engine they have, it gives brilliant physics when you shoot someone; it looks exactly right.

You can take this game online, much like in GTA IV, you can mess around or work through the gang hideouts. What I personally found great fun was “Posse-ing it up” with friends, using headsets and getting in trouble with the law – seeing how long you can manage to hold out against the waves of troops. You may be wondering right now why this game Isn’t first, I feel that this game was truly stunning in playability and graphics, I just felt I got a little lost during the story – it was dragged out a little long. However, don’t take that as it being a bad game, it’s really not. The ending is superb and truly a game that I would suggest anyone who recons themselves a gamer to play.


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