Playstation 4, Sooner Rather Than Later?

The recent hacks preformed by Geohot, for some, proved the demise of the PlayStation 3. Sony and hackers are now in a feud to the metaphorical death, over a shiny black George Foreman grill. But is there a new console on the horison?

The PS3 has had a long and bumpy career, ever since its launch it has been loosing money on each system sold, relying on the sales of games to rack up a profit. Sony must have been sure that this system would last long into the future to allow that to happen. As far as I understand it now, the PS3 is at a balance with the production costs; the only upsetting factors being more hackers than you can shake your Move controller at. Ohh, not forgetting LG, that is.

By now, you, and I, are probably wondering why Sony don’t just give up with the PlayStation 3, and lead off the next generation. It would solve the problems caused by LG’s Blu Ray drive and those pesky hackers.

Aside from rumours of the PlayStation 4, I can confirm that there has been some very secretive deals done behind closed doors at the Sony Headquarters, so secretive that only select members of the press could know what it was.

The PS4 is real, and quite far along in its development. Behind closed doors, a handful of people got to see what this extraordinary machine can do while its at work. I must note at this point that none of the fellow journalists, or even myself, saw the shell of this new technology – only what was being shown in 3D on Sony’s very own 3DTV’s.

The first thing we saw was a trailer of the things to come at our time there, the trailer started out in a very recognisable fashion – You had scenes from Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 and GT5 followed by some unrecognisable titles, and titles that I have been forbidden from talking about; perhaps some that will be launched with the console?

These games looked incredibly smooth, shiny and visceral textures are all present. In fact, I would go as far as saying that they might have even been re-textured with a higher quality texture. The 3D also looked brilliant, no fuzzy areas or drop in frame rate, in fact I was told it was a solid 60fps all the way through the trailer.

Once the trailer was over, it was fact time. What could this bad boy do? The first thing Mark, the Big cheese of the PS4 project, said was “Its Powerful”. I honestly have to agree, to be honest you didn’t really think that they would suddenly change their minds about adding enough processing power to run a nuclear power plant, did you?

Mark only gave brief technical specifications, starting off with the PS3’s 4 core processor, it has been confirmed that the PS4 will have at least 6 cores, with a “top end graphics card at least as powerful as the  AMD Radeon HD 6990 card”. Jokingly he followed that straight up with “the rest of the room [inside the PS4] will be filled with heat sinks and huge fans”. Well, I hope it was jokingly.

As you can understand, the PS4 is still under development and in a highly sensitive stage, because of this we aren’t allowed to tell any more than we have done already. Just let it be known that the PS4 is on its way!

April Fools!


3 thoughts on “Playstation 4, Sooner Rather Than Later?

  1. The Playstation needs no introduction. It was Sony’s first attempt to make a game console. The company definitely succeeded. The system’s 32 bit graphics and CD Quality sound were very good for its time. Despite it’s competitor, the Nintendo 64, which had better graphics, (I love this system too), oddly, didn’t win the fifth generation console war like Nintendo had done…

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