F.E.A.R 3 Armacham Enemies Detailed

Warner Bros. has revealed six, brand new, F.E.A.R 3 enemies, the Armacham Soldiers. The compelling new rivals include: Grunts, Snipers, Heavy Rockets, Heavy Riots, Phase Commanders and Phase Casters.

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Aggressive and disciplined, the Armacham “Grunts” cleverly utilize cover to search for and ambush their targets. “Grunts” coordinate with other squad members to provide suppressing fire, execute flanking maneuvers, and patrol or search.

Grunts possess the ability to navigate various obstacles and barriers. They mantle, climb, and crawl under obstacles. They also recognize cover and will fight shrewdly from behind it.



Snipers are usually located a far distance from the player. They hide in cover and pop up/out when they’ve lined up their shot. When the Sniper steps out of cover to finish lining up their shot, a red laser emanates from their weapon toward the target. This laser alerts a player of the presence of a sniper and, temporarily, of his current location.


Heavy Rocket

Much like Snipers, enemies wielding rocket launchers most often appear at extended distances from the player.  When they aim, a green laser emanates from their weapon toward the target. This laser alerts a player of the presence of a Heavy Rocket enemy and, temporarily, of his current location.


Heavy Riot

Confident and disciplined, Heavy Riot enemies use their riot shields to steadily advance and eliminate their target. Heavy Riot enemies are the most aggressive of all Armacham soldiers and almost always attempt to close in on their target.  The shields they carry leave few vulnerable points and offer a great deal of protection against firearms.



Phase Commanders are humans who possess technology that allows them to become momentarily insubstantial. This allows them to pass through solid matter like walls and other flat surfaces.

When attacking, the Phase Commander moves through solid obstacles to reach tactical locations (i.e., spots from which they can flank, get behind, or simply close the distance on their targets). As a defensive tool, the Phase Soldier moves through walls and other obstructions to put obstacles between them and their enemies.

The Phase Commander is a powerful, intelligent, and formidable enemy.  His abilities, strength, tactical knowledge and weaponry make him a tough opponent.


Phase Caster

Phase Casters are human soldiers who possess technology that allows them to transport conventional soldiers into an encounter, via phase portals they generate.  If these reinforcements are killed, the Phase Caster can continue to materialize more troops.

The Phase Caster’s primary offense comes through the soldiers he “summons,” though he also carries a Beam Weapon.  The Phase Caster is a self-preservationist and his main goal is to hide after each cast, but he also uses his ranged weapon, once he reaches a cover point.


They all look pretty cool, we cant wait to see more of them, but before I sign off for the posts, here is a gallery of all the above images in a jucy larger format!


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