New Xbox at EA?

Develop has learned that the successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is in the hands of EA and is set to be unveiled at E3.

Develop is reporting that EA has received very early models of the new Xbox. That early, in fact, that its apparently being stored in a PC casing. Something that has been seen in past generations.

A “senior, trusted, well-placed source” apparently informed Develop that EA received the unit last month. Way ahead of the rumoured 2012 holiday season launch. The source is not employed at either EA or Microsoft.

“Quite often when new consoles come around they’re packaged into a PC shell, but actually what’s inside is an entirely new console,” said the source.

We suspect that EA received the console so early to make potential material to show the media, and gamers alike, at the ever-popular Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

This is all we know, there have been no hardware specifications, although there is a general consensus that it will feature enhanced support for Kinect, possibly with a few alterations. My, personal, guess is that this will be a new 360 unit that integrates the relatively new Kinect into the unit itself. To do this, it will probably need a higher amount of RAM, maybe even a bigger processor to get the most out of the motion tracking device.

In all likelihood I think that this unit will be totally backwards compatible with the 360, especially with the upcoming Gears Of War 3 being released on the current 360. Microsoft wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot by releasing such a high priority game and then a new system soon after.


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