Battlefield 3 Multiplayer at E3

E3 is getting close and news is getting out about who and what will be there; the latest revelation came from DICE: we will see the Multiplayer of Battlefield 3 at E3.Battlefield 3 developers DICE announced, on the Battlefield 3 blog, that they would be taking the previously unseen multiplayer section to E3 this year. Although they wont only be showing the Multiplayer they stated that there would be “single player and multiplayer gameplay at E3”.

“Some of the biggest and most spectacular maps that we [DICE] have built” will be shown off at E3, promising that they will have “more intense close-quarter combat”. One of the multiplayer maps, Operation M├ętro, will be playable on the E3 floor. Expect copious videos and previews in the coming weeks.

We wont see everything the game has to offer though, holding on until closer to the time are the “extensive co-op campaign”, Team Death Match mode and the Battlefield 3 “Battlelog” something we suspect to be quite similar to the Autolog present in the need for speed titles.

If your not at E3, which most of you probably aren’t, then you can also watch the EA press conference live on on Monday.


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