Battlefield 3 at E3

DICE have been together for around 10 years now, and they are working on “the best Battlefield ever”.

Frostbite 2 stands for five different things: Animation, Destruction, Scale, Rendering and Audio. These are the elements that have been upgraded since their last title, Bad Company 2. To say that no aspect has been left unpolished would be completely correct.

A “more physical battlefield experience” is what the team are after, all that the Frostbite 2 engine stands for is key in achieving this. Everything has to feel just right, and from what we saw this time, it looks pretty darn close to what everybody is wanting.

Multiplayer is top of the list for fans, as always. In typical Battlefield tradition, however, they didn’t show us straight gameplay, they used one of their “snippet” trailer trade marks. The same style that was used to advertise the game when it was first announced.

Sharing your statistics and gameplay information is something that DICE kept reminding us of, assuring we knew that BF3’s stat tracker (battle log) would be 100% free, unlike Modern Warfare 3’s version.

The largest piece of information that we received today was, of course, the fact that the BETA is open in September, although its not clear how you can get into it, and that the game launches on October the 25th in the USA and the 28th in Europe.

Here is theĀ  Frostbite 2 Engine trailer:

And the live demo, straight from the show:


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