Microsoft E3 Wrap-up 2011

Did you watch Microsofts E3 press conference? Did you? Eh? We certainly did and all in all it wasn’t half bad, i’d give it 2 sheeps out of 5 if i had to, i mean the conference was heavily focused around Kinect, which isn’t bad at all, i mean they announced some trully awesome new features like enhanced body and finger tracking heck even object scanning…chyeah you can scan in your skateboard or your cuddly toy and use/play as them in avatar based games using Kinect Fun Labs.

But the only real surprise, which was spoilt a couple of hourse before, was Halo 4 which was said to spark off a new trilogy. That’s Halo 4, 5 and 6 to look forward to in the nearing future. Another real surprise is kinect integration with Mass Effect 3. Which features a voice recognition which essentially replaces the conversation wheel. Thats cool and all but i can’t imagine me personally using this at all. If it’s not broken don’t fix it?

A new Fable was also announced which was awesome, Fable: The Journey. With a heavy focus with Kinect integration? Hmm I’m not too sure about that although from what we have seen, it does indeed look interesting.

With all the new surprises and reveals from Microsoft there were some that we kind of wanted to appear but unfortunetly didn’t.

  • First of all was rumours of a new console, this however didn’t make an appearance. Which was to be expected but would’ve been extremely nice to have an incite into the future of gaming. Hey Nintendo or Sony could offer that in their conference. Stay tuned.
  • Milo! That boy wonder who isn’t a real boy but could be one day? Where the heck was he? Probably off partying getting absolutely hammered.
  • Metal Gear Rising. Jeez we so wanted this to appear, maybe not as an exclusive but something on that mother of a game would’ve been nice.
  • We well and truly thought Microsoft would announce more (timed) exclusive content for games such as L.A Noire but i guess Call of Duty will have to suffice for now.
  • Kinect bundle price drop? No? Well the sheer amount of people who bought the tech already must mean that it’s correctly priced? Is it?
  • This one I am relieved about; a Gears of War 3 Kinect spin-off or integration. So incredibly glad about this.

So in retrospect, it seems to have gone very well for Microsoft with Kinect but with a lack of new ip’s for the core gamer i.e for just the console and not Kinect it would seem that Microsoft lacked some real umf! that it really needed to contend with the hype from Nintendo and Sony.

Keep watching the site for updates on Nintendo and Sony’s conference.

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