Modern Warfare 3 at E3

We knew that MW3 would be at E3, but we didn’t know what.

Black tuesday, the fist level of MW3 – carrying on from the last level of MW2 – really looks like it is living up to the developers claim: Embodying what Call of Duty is all about.

In this demo we see that there are large set peices, and huge firefights are brought together with all new weapons and, seemingly, a polished set of graphics. New attachments are included, also.

Fighting in the USA, repelling the invasion force back, towards the Stock exchange in New York, split up via different sections – for example, in the level we saw there was a high paced vehicle section, combined with a medium paced foot section and a slower, slightly more stealthy section. All in one level.

See for yourself how this looks new, yet follows the set path of the previous two titles in the Modern Warfare Trilogy.


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