The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings comes to 360

Earlier in the year, mid may to be more presise, Whicher 2 was launched to International acclaim. Today, Atari announced that this would also be published, by themselves, on the 360.

With time between the launch of the PC and 360 versions, its obvious that 360 version will be an enhanced adaptation, it has been roumoured that it will be more than “just a port”.  Details will be announced in the near future, possibly over E3.

There will be a version of the 360 “port” on display at E3, viewable behind closed doors to midia and invited guests only.

“We’re very proud of The Witcher 2 and the highly positive reactions it has received from both our players and the media.” CDProjekt RED Executive Producer John Mamais stated,   “Taking it to Xbox 360 represents an exciting opportunity to introduce it to a new segment of the gaming audience. I’d like to stress that we are doing a full adaptation to the new platform, not just a straight port.”

John went on to say: “we are aiming to push its limits in order to get visual quality as close to high-end PCs as possible – and during E3, you’ll see how good the results we’ve already achieved are. Gameplay-wise, it means we are looking closely at all the feedback we have received about the PC release, and are addressing it during the adaptation process to be sure we provide a superb, completely polished gaming experience.”

The game is scheduled for realease at “the end of the year, not earlier.” Explaining that “everyone has had enough of ports rushed to different platforms, so we really don’t want to follow this path. As always, quality and the players’ experience are paramount for us.”


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