Jack Tretton – an apology at E3

Jack supprises us all with some figures and also says his first public apology for the PSN outage.

Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, started off Sony’s E3 conference with a simple message to all PSN users: “Sorry”. Jack also had a message for all of the media outlets that thrived on the controversy and rumour surrounding the Networks outage: “You’re welcome”.

Eager to show that Sony would bounce back, Jack swiftly moved on from thanking people for their patience and moved to the PS3’s facts and figures, which were quite staggering. 90% of all customers that used PSN where now back and had used it since the outage, obviously there would be some that had been swayed or haven’t logged back in yet due to time constraints. However, 10% of user loss is not as bad as I, or other people in the industry, thought.

Playstation console turnovers are actually on the increase – an amazing 27% increase on last year. Something that, seemingly, can only go up with big exclusives like Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and others exclusive editions of games like BF3. The PS3 clearly still has a strong influence over the market and will continue to do so.


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