PlayStation Branded 3D Peripherals Revieled

3D gaming is Sony’s forte, unfortunately equipment to watch it all in 3D is expensive. Sony have a new TV with Playstation branding to solve that, also supplying cheaper 3D glasses.

The Playstation brand is releasing a new television set with exciting new features and a cheaper price line. The television will have a 24 inch display and display full HD 3D via HDMI. That, however, is not all; in traditional split screen, the screen is split down the middle. On this TV, it is possible for player 1 to use the whole of the screen and player 2 to use the entire screen at the same time. Making split screen that much more enjoyable.

Thats not all, though. Sony is also making cheaper active 3D glasses. All in an attempt to force market prices down and see an uptake in 3D gaming. We have a few prices, a HDMI cable, glasses and Resistance 3 are $150 USD. While the full bundle: HDMI, R3, Glasses and TV; are going to be $499 USD. The glasses will be $69.99 USD. We should be seeing these in shops around Autumn and presumably Resistance 3’s launch.


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