Wii U Round-Up: What Wii Know

The new console from Nintendo, formally called Project Café, has a name: the Wii U. Read on for a lot more juicy info about the new console.

Some rumours did turn out to be 100% true, in fact so many rumours were 100% true that it almost didn’t feel like a high-profile console reveal at all. To an extent we wern’t expecting to see the rumours take shape – they were so outlandish, after all.

It’s quite clear that the graphics are a huge step up from its predecessor. True HD, however, I’m not sure of. It could be up scaling to 1080p from a lower resolution; however, that is common across the Playstation and Xbox platforms as well.The controller has a screen, we already knew that; what we didn’t know was how big. 6.2 inches of touch sensitive goodness will be used in conjunction with what’s shown on the TV. Nintendo didn’t clarify whether the touch pad will be multi-touch capable or not, however the inclusion of a stylus indicates it would be similar to the DS/3DS touch screen, just a higher resolution (although probably less than 1280×720) and a much higher sensitivity.

Touch isn’t the only method of controlling the new Wii U, it incorporates all the buttons that you would find on a regular Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 pad. Yes, this has 2 analogue sticks, a D-pad, 4 buttons (A, B, X and Y), 4 “control” buttons (Home, Power, Start and Select) and, finally, 4 shoulder buttons. This standard lay out basically means that this will now be open to have multiplatform games like Call of Duty developed for it.

Nintendo aren’t abandoning all of the old and replacing it for new, though. The controller will have a Gyroscope and Accelerometer to enable motion gameplay. There will be a camera on it too, we are assuming that this means it can use advanced AR cards, similar to the 3DS. It has been confirmed that you can video call using the camera.

Furthermore, old equipment is still the must have equipment, the Wii U will be fully backwards compatible with the Wii accessories (Wii Balance boards and remotes, to name a few). No need to get rid of the whole console – you can save a bit by keeping the Wii controllers as spare Wii U controllers will, most probably, be pricy.

Although we learnt a lot at Nintendo’s E3 press conference, there were a few things that we didn’t find out; namely the Price point and exact release date. We should expect it sometime after April 2012, though.

What is actually running in that little white box, is also elusive. Only a very exclusive crowd know; unfortunately, they won’t tell us. What we do know that box will di, is play larger, possibly around 25gb in size, propriety disks that will most certainly not be Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.

Here are some pictures, Click to enlarge:

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