PSVita Battery Life Comparable to PSP

With the recent worries about Nintendo’s 3DS battery life, Sony felt it necessary to reassure everyone that the PSVita will last much longer.

Sony’s E3 is wrapping up nicely, they showed off a host of games and the new console to play them on. One large worry hanging over peoples heads was the battery life.

With the PSPGo doing away with the battery-sucking UMD drive, we expected to see an improvement of play time. However this wasn’t the case. Now, with a bigger screen, touch capabilities and higher resolution playback, you would be forgiven for thinking that this would only last a few minutes. However, Sony confirmed that the handheld console will last as long as the PSP – that’s not bad for the amount of technology crammed in there.

Sony did say to Engadget that there would be an exception when playing ‘graphically intense’ games like Uncharted on the Vita. What this means, we will have to wait and see.

The port at the bottom of the console, according to Sony, can also be used as a Video-out, hopefully there wont be nasty up-scaling, as with the old PSP.

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