Pachter: “Call of Duty players to defect to EA’s game”

Michael Pachter, the Wedbush Analyst, claims that some of Call Of Duty’s core following will jump ship and move over to Battlefield 3. As usual, read on to find out more.

Pachter has been hard at work again, this time looking into how well Battlefield 3 will do when its launched later this year. His results? Some hardcore Call Of Duty players will swap their Ak-47’s and ‘noob tubes‘ for ones that can rip through walls in an instant.

“we expect EA’s game to perform exceedingly well, eclipsing the 6.5 million units sold by [Battlefield: Bad Company 2]” Says Pachter in his report; he and his research team also beleave that Call of Duty Elite, Activisions Subscriber based addition to the franchise, will alienate players and cause  “a small number of loyal Call of Duty players to defect to EA’s game.”

There is always the chance that the ever-popular Call Of Duty franchise will beat its year on year performance and come out on top. Although, if Battlefield does manage to be the better game and come out on top, Pachter feels that there will be a serious problem with shares. The long-term fans might not be the only ones to jump ship to EA’s shooter at the end of the year.

“While we think that Activision’s 2011 Call of Duty sales have the potential to eclipse last year’s mind-boggling 20 million units, due primarily to the network effect created by the game’s remarkable 17 million weekly active unique online players, we think that the company’s shares may come under pressure when EA’s game is launched, particularly if Battlefield 3 receives a 90+ Metacritic score.”

Personally, there is only one way to find out, and that’s to wait and see. Even if Pachter is over optimistic with a 90+ Metacritic score, people might cross to Battlefield anyway. Support for the title will only help overcome the beast that is the Call of Duty franchise.



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