Checkpoints and Jamming Guns May Return To Far Cry 3

One of the most debated issues regarding Far Cry 2 may be present in Far Cry 3, Ubisoft told With a few tweaks, obviously.

Ubisoft, they’re not stupid. They know what they are doing when it comes to games; for this reason alone there is no reason to worry. Their use in their new game will address past issues.

At Ubisoft’s Summer showcase, Jamie Keen, lead designer of Far Cry 3, told that they are “trying to give you something to do as you’re moving around in the world, and that’s certainly something we’re trying to do as well. I think they were trying to do something that perhaps they didn’t have enough time to implement in the way they would have liked to have done, fully. We’re trying to fix it. We’re not trying to get rid of elements of the gameplay per se. Some things will go, some things will stay.”

“It’s really really important that you feel engaged as you are moving around and that you feel there’s a diversity there in the world – that it’s a living world. I think that was one of the bits with the checkpoints that slightly fell over – it was too much of a look behind the curtain. You move away, and then you come back and the massive, involved firefight you’ve just had is completely forgotten. They served their purpose, but again, we want to give more of a feeling of a natural world that’s going on around you, one that’s progressing with or without you around.”

It certainly sounds like they are attempting to keep these segments in the final product, improving them to fit in with the gameplay.

Gunplay is a large segment of Far Cry 2, the degradation of weapons was also a key mechanic, suddenly in the middle of a battle, your gun could jam. Obviously this was a complex issue for many fans – much like Marmite, it split the user base.

“I think if we’re looking, we’re going to measure them [the controversial features] against what we’ve got in the whole game. If they pass muster, then yeah we’ll make sure they’re in there and really contributing to the game. But if not, there are going to be certain elements that might not be appropriate.”

Far Cry 3 is set for a 2012 release

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