Registered by Microsoft

We didn’t see this one coming! A quick Google leads to the surprising result that Microsoft has acquired two domains: and For speculation and random guessing, read on!

DomainTools, A website that lists who owns various domains, shows that Microsoft owns both and What this means, no one really knows!

Of course, this could mean a plethora of things; from the absurd to the ones that might actually happen. I shall warn you now though. We are, metaphorically speaking, trying to find a plastic Hay coloured needle in a stack of Hay. Impossible you might say, well yeah – It doesn’t stop me trying!

A few, hopeful, people are claiming this is the coming of one joint console, one console to rule them all and in the darkness you can play Halo and Killzone on one shiny new console. Although, this is highly improbable.

What is more probable, and still a wild guess, is that the two gigantic companies form a bond to initiate cross-console play, while keeping their respective brand names. Why do we think this? One console would ruin the market, a collaboration would still hold the competition necessary to advance gaming systems, yet destroy the console wars – simply because there is less of a divide between the consoles.

It is all very well to think of shiny new systems where Xbox ‘fanpeople’ and Sony ‘fanpeople’ can skip across flower-filled glades, reality is much less cheery; there is a high probability that Microsoft are just buying Domains and stopping people in their tracks. However, I’ll happily be the first to admit I’m wrong if the future is called Microsoft-Sony inc.



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