Sony Might Make A 3D Handheld

And then again, they might not. Sony is just stimulating the masses with this talk to Develop. Even Sony don’t know whether there will be a new 3D handheld or if 3D is coming to PSVita. Read on to see what they said.

Mick Hocking, senior director of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, told Develop, when asked about 3D on PSVita, that Sony’s pure existence is “to build the world’s most awesome handheld games machine”. There was a suggestion that they might look into it, although they seem to be firmly planted on the here and now, wanting to build “the most capable handheld games machine on the market”.

“Of course in the future we may look to build the 3D experience on a handheld. The tech is rapidly evolving, so we may well in the future include a high-quality 3D experience on the small screens. Whether this comes to Vita will have to be seen.”

Sony seem to be sticking to their plan, and I’m sure that they are watching the 3DS with interest, gathering as much sales data on it as they can, trying to work out if they can overrun a small section of the market.

As for the ‘here and now’ Hocking is confident that PSVita will do well: “We thought very long and hard internally about what sort of device we wanted to create, and I think it was very important to deliver such a capable device, and go dual-analogue. I think it’s gone down really well because it’s differentiated itself from the competition out there.”

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