DICE Gives More Information On Their Battlelog System

Okay, so more Battlefield 3 news, – it’s just a rather slow news day, prime for picking up everything you could want to know about Battlefield 3. At this moment in time, however, it is time to focus on the new “Battlelog” system. DICE gives us an official word on what this actually is.

Social gaming is the in thing, apparently. Well Fredrik Loving, Battlelog Producer at DICE seems to think so: “We want to make Battlefield 3 a more social gaming experience and it all starts with Battlelog.”

We have seen a few games this year with similar sounding Social aspects, namely Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s Autolog function. I hope that the bland name’s for these sites don’t continue – I don’t think “Footlog” seems like an appropriate name for a football based statistic feed.

DICE, in particular Mr Loving, are aiming on creating an easily accusable and good-looking site. “We are changing how you communicate, play, compete and share content with their friends, extending the in-game experience to be accessible from your home computer, on your handheld devices while commuting, or wherever you may be.”

I hope I’m not the only one, but being able to look at the Battlelog on the go, on a handheld device really entices me. It also saves the need to turn the computer on every time you want to see if someone is up for a game. DICE and EA are on to a winner, in my opinion.

Oh, and don’t forget: Its free.

Battlefeed, the main part of Battlelog and your main window into Battlelog, showing current events around your network in real-time, giving you a live snapshot of what those in your network are doing in the world of Battlefield. It sounds a little bit like Twitter (which you, incidentally can follow me here: @VGamerGuy) and Facebook crossed, only with a little more Battlefield 3 and a little less “I’m eating a Cow stuffed with a Chicken”. Hopefully, anyway.

“It will increase the competitive edge. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared amongst your friends.” Says Fredrik Loving.

Again, like Facebook, you can like your friend unlocks and achievements and message each other – discussing tactics, for example. ” It’s all here in the real-time feed for you to share, comment and like.”

Other than talking with friend, and bragging to foes, you can track you stats with a fully comprehensive stats tracker. As Mr Loving says: “Battlefield players love their statistics,” I’d tend to agree.

However, that’s not all. DICE will reveal the full list of Battlelog features in a later blog post on their Battleblog.


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