Skyrim DLC Will Be A Timed Exclusive For Microsoft.

Skyrim, Bethesda’s latest addition to the Eldar Scrolls series, will be recieving DLC across all platforms. However, Microsoft and Bethesda have announced that there will be a delay for PC and PS3 owners.

Exclusive features have always been a key point for owning a 360, one more title will be joining the list. Well, sort of. Microsoft has bought a 30 day timed exclusive for the massive RPG that will be released later in the year.

While the DLC, which we know nothing about, will be released first on the Xbox 360, it will make a prompt appearance on both the Playstation 3 and PC versions. This is the second time that Microsoft have achieved this on a game as massive as Skyrim. Call Of Duty has received the same treatment.

While it’s not out of the blue for Microsoft, it is very annoying for the exclusive owners of PS3’s or PC’s. We don’t expect this content to be ready until at least a month after the launch on The 11th of November, this year.


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