Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Modes Detailed

Dice are still beavering away with Battlefield 3 and are still slowly releasing new information, prior it’s November release. Today, we found out exactly what modes we can expect online.

Read on to see what you think about the 5 different modes which can be played on each of the 9 different maps.

DICE says are 45 “distinctly different multilayer experiences”, so let’s see what you can play on the 9 mystery maps.

Team Deathmatch

The most obvious inclusion into the game, in fact DICE had more-or-less already confirmed it to be there. It’s first appearance was in the original Battlefield 1942, dibbing in and out over the next few games.  In Battlefield 3, two teams of 12 players each fight on tight knit maps with, strictly, infantry based gameplay. Yes, that does mean that there will be no vehicles in for a quick and intense firefight.

Squad Deathmatch

Squad Deathmatch is a larger and more dynamic variety of deathmatch that also features the inclusion of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The IFV can help break a deadlock, as long as you and your friends can keep the vehicle alive. The 4 squad setup means that there is a constant battle throughout the game to gain and maintain the lead. Obviously, the classic Battlefield team-play leads to the victory.


First seen in Battlefield: Bad Company, Rush has now made its way to the heart of the Battlefield series in Battlefield 3, in fact I would go as far as saying it is the main online mode for the majority of players. As an objective based mode, the attackers have to arm and detonate pairs of communication stations in section of the map, progressing the game to a new part, where you have to arm a further two stations. Defenders have an unlimited amount of respawns,  while the attackers only have 75 tickets (for the whole team), they get new tickets every time they destroy both the stations and move forward to the new section of the map. If all communication stations on the entire map are destroyed, the attackers are declared the winning team, however, the defenders win if they manage to defend and kill the attacking team.

Rush features a large variety of vehicle, one of the few modes which will have all of the vehicles. Each map has vehicles tuned specifically to that map’s characters, transport vehicles, armored vehicles, helicopters, and of course, jets will be there for you to enjoy.

Since it’s last outing in Bad Company 2, you will see these changes:

  • You cannot use explosives or shoot at the M-COM to take it out. Only arm and disarm
  • If the attacking team arms the M-COM but runs out of tickets, the match will continue until the M-COM detonates or defenders disarm it
  • If the defenders start disarming an M-COM just before it’s about to blow, the explosion is prevented until the disarm is accomplished. If the defender gets killed during the disarm process, the M-COM will instantly blow

Squad Rush

Squad Rush is the ultimate team work mode. Squad Rush is an extremely tight duel between two squads that borrows the main rules from normal Rush, but in a much more intimate setting. The maps in Squad rush are smaller and tighter, forcing the 4 on 4 match into a slightly more confined space, while still leaving room to tactically manoeuvre. There will only be two bases with one communication station per base, meaning that every M-COM taken or defended in Squad Rush is vital to the victory or defeat of the game. There are no vehicles in Squad Rush, so it’s all down to how well you can cover your friends on foot.


Conquest is the mode any regular Battlefield player will recognise. 1942, was the first to receive Conquest as an online mode, its inclusion has influenced many games and has been a large part of the series since. Conquest is the game mode best suited for the experience of all-out vehicle warfare. In Conquest, two teams fight for control of a number of flags by being the dominant force in the vicinity of each base. Capture and keep control of a majority of the flags and the enemy team will bleed tickets. Killing enemies will also reduce their ticket count; the first team to run out of tickets loses.

Your forces will rarely be enough to capture and hold every base on the map, so in-game communication and quick thinking is necessary to be victorious. A DICE spokesperson said: “Of all of the game modes we have invented here [at DICE], Conquest will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Head over to the Battlfield blog for details on how to tweak the game with Hardcore and Infantry Only settings.

Battlefield 3 will be released October 28 for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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