Battlefield Multiplayer Maps Detailed

Today, Dice has finally revieled there will be 9 multiplayer maps playable from October 28th; launch day, in other words. Each of the maps is different and we can expect many more in DLC to come. However, do read on to find out what these maps are focused around.

Damavand Peak is Iran’s highest peak, and in Battlefield 3 the map features tight combat in the opening sections of Rush followed by a mandatory base jump before the final raid on an enemy base. It feels like a map constructed solely for Rush.

Operation Firestorm is all about vehicular combat, set across a burning oil field located in the Iranian desert.

Kharg Island was unavailable at the preview event, but the map is set on an important oil pipeline off the coast of Iran.

Noshahr Canals plonks you in an ever-familiar construction of shipping containers and sniper-riddled cranes across a trio of dockland areas.

Seine Crossing is another urban map that focuses infantry combat over vehicles. It feels a lot like a Call of Duty map, which might be a disappointment to those looking to play Rush and Conquest.

Grand Bazaaris an infantry-focused map which takes place in an urban environment. There’s plenty of tight areas and dangerous corners, and it’s a map well-suited for flanking and aggressive play.

Tehran Highway is a night-time map set against the skyline of Tehran, set against a backdrop of motorways and rockets flying through the sky. There are plenty of wide-open spaces but, in Team Deathmatch at least, most players clump together against the comforting cover of the town centre.

Operation Metro and Caspain Border (for PC players, at least) were both playable during the recent beta. The former takes place in and around a subway station, and the latter is a massive open-plan construction perfectly suited for large-scale vehicle combat.

It’s also worth noting that each of the nine maps can be played in all of Battlefield 3’s five multiplayer modes: Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, and Squad Rush.


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