Grand Theft Auto V Confirmed

Yes, there have been rumours all over the place and quite a considerable demand for this game, so much so it has almost become a thing of legend. Rockstar replied in the only way they knew they could; A logo and a date – for the announcement trailer. Read on to see what we actually know.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is in development with the game’s first trailer to be released November 2, 2011. If you want proof, head over to the Rockstar Games website, which currently features a black background, the GTA5 logo and confirmation of the trailer. Nothing else. They do know how to keep us keen!

What do we think? Well, we’re not too sure really. Looking at the logo, all we can say is the Five part looks a little like an American Dollar bill. Does this mean we could be roaming around Washington DC? At the moment, just knowing the game is in development is enough to wet our apatites.

Assuming we get gameplay footage, a lot of our questions may well be answered. Don’t be surprised if this is released in early 2012. We know how well Rockstar can keep games under covers.

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