GTA V Trailer Released

Today was the day you have been waiting for, assuming you care about Grand Theft Auto 5. We have the trailer right here on the site.
Read on to see the trailer, please leave your thoughts on it as well.

The debut trailer revealed that the game will be set in Rockstar’s version of LA, Los Santos, we were not really surprised as we had rumours about this about a week ago. From the trailer, which can be found after the next few lines, we can tell that it will most probably be set in modern times, with plenty of jets, cars helicopters and jet skis, even a crop duster.

As you saw, the trailer also revealed that the game’s protagonist is a father who wants to retire from a former life. Based on the inclusion of businesses going out of business, it’s also likely that the game will include some form of commentary on the recession.

4 thoughts on “GTA V Trailer Released

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  2. Do you think they will release another trailer with another city? got a feeling there is more, if its like San Andreas there will be 3 cities, not just Los Santos

    • I’m not too sure, however, if I was to hazard a guess I would say there is probably a lot more than we have seen. What makes me think that is the jets and to an extent, the Jet Ski’s and other water-borne craft. You cant land a jet in a city (well, you can – but you know what I mean) this points to another, more sparsely populated, area of land. It would fit in to the feel of the previous entrance to the series. Although, you do know as much as me right now!
      Thanks for the comment!

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