“Old-school” GTA Cheats Return to GTA 5 Plus More.

Yes, there is now a huge audience watching the GTA V trailer, However. We have come, exclusively, across a list of possible features to be incorporated into the final product. Read on to see what on earth could work it’s way in!

A source that we can not name has been in touch and told us that there is a possibility of the following list of features to be included in the game. I will warn, however that are some spoilers beyond this point.

  • The protagonist is Hispanic and his name is Adrian
  • It takes place in San Andreas in the year 2012..
  • Multiplayer is in again. There are a couple of new game modes, co-op story and 32 player game modes for consoles and 64 player for PC, PC also includes dedicated servers.
  • Gang turk wars are back. This time not only the general gang are in charge but different sets such as 57th Ballas. The have their own graffiti. You can “tag up” stuff with custom sprays too.
  • The timeline continues off of GTA 4.
  • Car modding is back.
  • There are 9 radio stations, featuring a range of music.
  • Military has returned in the 5 star wanted level except they are referred to as the National Guard.
  • Cover system is upgraded and players more smoothly
  • The moral decisions you saw in GTA 4 have more effect on the story now. There are a total of 4 unique endings 2 bad, 2 good.
  • More girlfriends
  • Parachutes
  • Fun cheats are back

Of course, all of this is speculative, however I would personally like to see quite a lot of the things mentioned.


5 thoughts on ““Old-school” GTA Cheats Return to GTA 5 Plus More.

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      Thanks for the comment, and at least I did a post on it, right? 😉

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