Ubisoft source suggests Xbox 720 will launch in 2012

Edge, a gaming magazine, reports that Ubisoft Montreal is working on “target boxes” built to represent the specifications of the next Xbox. So called pre-pre-production Xbox “720’s”, like this would just be for developing launch window games. But does this mean that the launch window is approaching fast?

Ubisoft’s teams are working to specifications provided by Microsoft, and Edge understands that other major developers such as EA are also in possession of the so called “target boxes”. It’s believed that AMD is providing a bespoke GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, for those without a hold on computer lingo) for the new console.

The first genuine devkits, housing custom hardware (ie, not the final specifications), are expected to reach Ubisoft Montreal before Christmas, with signs pointing to a platform launch late in 2012 and a reaveal at 2012’s E3 event. We expect it to be a busy event if that does happen!

As usual, Ubisoft has refused to comment.

Sony are also moving over, slowly but surely, to a new hardware. Edge adds that a major Sony-owned studio has stopped PlayStation 3 development and shifted all its focus to its successor. The studio is also believed to have been heavily involved in the development of graphics tech for the console. We hope this is either Naughty Dog, Or Gurilla, both of which have brilliant graphics for their respective titles.

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