Skyim patch 1.4 “coming soon”

Skyrim, although critically acclaimed – receiving many Game Of The Year awards and scoring 10’s left, right and centre, hasn’t been the most polished game ever released. Skyrim did ship with bugs, but will this be the one patch to fix them all? As usual, read on to find out more.Through twitter, Bethesda has responded to the question all Skyrim players want to know. The question was, of course, when the 1.4 patch will be released.

Bethesda simply replied to the community by saying they “Should have some more info to share very soon.” How soon, and what info they will release, we don’t know; we can only be optimistic at the moment.

Rumours have spread, however, that the 1.4 update may have some huge fixes for the PS3 version, fixing the lag users are finding unbearable. Hopefully, Bethesda may offer a fix for some of the larger quest lines being broken by glitches. We will have to wait at Bethesda’s mercy to find out.


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